Harold Ashby performing in Seville in 1987 at 'la sita' with George Wein (piano) and the Jazz at the Philharmonic. Slam Stewart on bass, Oliver Jackson on drums, Warren Vache on trumpet and Scott Hamilton sax.
Harold Ashby, died on June 13 2003 aged 78, he was one of the last surviving regular members of Duke Ellington's orchestra, having played tenor saxophone with Duke from 1968 until 1975, the year after Ellington's death.
In the spring of 1987 he was one of the stars of a Jazz at the Philharmonic tour led by George Wein himself at piano. Harold agreed to an interview with me then when I had my own jazz radio programme in Gibraltar. It was very early morning. Slam Stewart and Warren Vache were in the lobby, Vache was cleaning his trumpet. I entered Harold's room to find him sitting on the bed in his vest and braces. It was a warm welcome for an Ellington aficionado. I have loaded up the unedited interview which I recovered tidying up the cupboard. These snaps were taken at the time some distance from the stage since I had avoided carrying any significant lens given the weight of the reel to reel UHER I was using. At the end of the interview I was presented with a cassette of Duke Ellington Intimacy of the blues on which Harold performs. We talked for so long that the tape ran out - a mere 15 minutes on quality speed!